You can submit your abstract online only and would be peer reviewed by scientific committee members for approval. The link for the abstract submission will be available on the registration confirmation page and in the confirmation e-mail you will be receiving after registering.

No, it is not necessary to submit the same abstract. If you are a presenter the author can add you when they submit the abstract. An abstract can have multiple presenters.

Applicants not selected for a talk will still have the opportunity to present a poster during the poster sessions of the meeting.

The size of our poster boards are 1×1 sq. m. Pins will be available on the poster board for mounting your poster. Our poster boards are portrait oriented. If you create a landscape oriented poster it will not fit on only one poster board. You may need to place it at the end of the poster exhibition.

You can register for workshops on the registration form. Workshops are not included in conference registration and incur an additional fee and conditions for the cancellation policy.

Yes, please follow the instructions below.
Select your desired payment method: Master Card, Visa or American Express. You may be required to go through an additional level of security depending on your credit card verification policy. International transaction authorisation is mandatory.

Only in exceptional cases when it is not possible to make a credit card payment.

We normally issue billing statements that mention the amount that the registrant needs to pay. If this is not enough for your institute, we can also issue an official invoice including the tax number of our institute. If you need one, please contact the conference officer responsible for your meeting with your request.

Yes, one-day conference registration is available. Please note that your registration is valid only for sessions and events on that day and badges will be actively checked throughout the conference to ensure that participants have registered properly.

Yes, Group discounts will be provided upon approval by the conference service manager.

Please contact the conference service manager responsible for your event to check if places are still available.

Details will be posted on our website as they are confirmed. A full conference program/ schedule, including conference sessions, will be available on website prior to 2-3 months of the conference.

Natural calamities or Disasters will result in cancel or reschedule a conference. NEXUS conferences will provide advance notice / prior intimation of the changes and no penalties will be imposed related to the cancelling or rescheduling of airfares, lodging, etc.

Yes, we can send you a letter for your visa application. Please contact the conference service manager responsible for your event. Please note that no visa letters can be issued before being accepted to the meeting (meetings with an acceptance selection process) and payment of the registration fee. In case your visa application was not successful we will reimburse your registration fee. Strictly no visa letters will be sent to any Embassy.

The moment you know that you will not be able to take part in the course/conference please inform the conference officer responsible for your event. Your registration will be deleted, and for conferences so will the abstract that you have submitted. Please also check our Terms.

NEXUS conferences are unable to assist in any travel or accommodation costs. Discounts are provided upon approval from conference service manager.

Please find the refund policy Registration fees are refundable, less a 99 processing fee.

Yes, please contact to make arrangements

You can a potential sponsor by contacting sponsorship section.

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